Burn It Up With Fun



One of the best thing about cardio exercise I like is that we have an endless list of activities, which we can do and keep ourselves  fit & moving.

When we hear cardio exercise, we imagine few scenes in our mind … someone running on treadmill or cycling like never stopping or maximum some body sweating on elliptical.

Just don’t keep running & paddling to burn your calories. Choose some other activities which you enjoy doing.

  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Functional training
  • Spine bike sessions
  • Pool exercises
  • Water aerobics
  • Kick boxing
  • Zumba

And the list goes on…. Break your workout plan such that you don’t get bored of it and your body does not get adapted to same routine activity. Put new challenges to your physiological system and achieve a bit better after every workout.

Cardio exercises impacts over most of our physiological system not only cardiac system. It improves our overall body functioning in following ways


  • improve blood supple
  • Reduces chance of stroke
  • Improve thinking process
  • Improve brain functioning


  • Improve blood supply to skin.
  • Keep skin healthier


  • Help control sugar level


  • Increase circulations to the muscle which improves muscle load capacity


  • Improve lung capacity
  • Reduced risk of breathlessness.

Bones & joint

  • Improves lubrication in weight bearing joints, which keep them healthy
  • Reduced chances of thinning of bone and hence osteoporosis

Other than physical benefits it gives some awesome effect of our mental system-

As cardio exercises stimulate production of serotonin and other stress releasing hormone,

  • we feel boosted after exercises.
  • Anxiety reduces
  • Energy level improved
  • Depression shed off
  • Get sound sleep.


  • Incorporate 150-300 minutes per week for your cardio sessions.
  • sweat it up with the activities you love, don’t just run in the treadmill.
  • keep challenging yourself.

Note: If you have any health issue, consult your doctor before starting any workout. 

Author: Dr. shubhangi Gaikwad

Senior Physical Therapist, Dubai

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