Exercise is a way to be with Yourself !!


Few of the commonest excuses I always hear for not following regular exercise regime are–

I don’t get time to do my exercise!!
Nothing changes in my body with exercise!!
I cannot go to the gym every day!!!
It is not so difficult to maintain a healthier life. Being regular in exercise routine just does not mean to get a attractive body. Being healthy and fit is beyond that.
WHO recommended only 150 min of moderate aerobic activity per week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
It’s not hard to take out 20 -25 per day to be engaged in any form of physical activity.

Reasons why people are not persistent in maintaining exercise routine

  • Target over unrealistic goals-   I highly believe no goal is unattainable, but we fail in choosing the correct measures, the right regime and we ignore the fact that everybody body is different and respond differently. Hence set a short term goal which are realistic and attainable as per your body and lifestyle. Achieve the goal, give perk to yourself and step in towards the next goal.
  • Choosing & chasing only weighing machine –Don’t do exercise only to see changes in the weighing machine. This is the wrong approach. See the tiniest changes you feel in your body when you do regular exercise. The minutes when you are indulging in any kind of physical activity, that moment, you are living for yourself. Your mind is distracted away from all the stress & worries.

        The energy you feel throughout the day, the confidence and positivity you gained through a               workout cannot be measured by any scale. These are most precious add on of exercises.

         The day you stop following the weighing machine and start enjoying the process of feeling the           well-being, then you never come up with a problem of time management for adding a few                    minutes in your day for a workout.

  • Lack of self motivation no – one can encourage you to adopt a healthier life more than yourself. Self-motivation is the strongest driving force for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

The day you feel low, just try to go and indulge in any form of exercise, and you will see the changes, you will be filled with positivity, your energy will be boosted and for sure you will step out with uplifted mood.

Tips for the beginners

  • Star with engaging yourself for 20-25 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.
  • Don’t see or expect the changes in parameters for few weeks.
  • Feel the changes you feel in yourself.
  • Learn and try to understand your body.

And most important be persistent.

Exercise, Indulge and Be with Yourself !!

Author-   Dr. Shubhangi Gaikwad,
              Sr. Physical Therapist,  Dubai

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