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Tips to create an Ergonomic Kitchen !!

Fitness Gadgets
As the office ergonomics is essential at workspace, so do the kitchen ergonomics plays important role for the safety and physical fitness of a person spending hours in kitchen. Usually when family decides to renovate or construct a kitchen, they spend long time choosing right colors of the wall, shelves,…


In this world of self-care every one  is progressing in making themselves self-sufficient, so that they can manage most of their tasks by themselves be it skin care, financial decisions, home making , self-learning for various subjects etc… so I thought to share some of the tools of self-pain management…

How to choose a perfect neck pillow?

  I had always been asked by my patients that  how they should choose a perfect pillow to have good sleep and pain free neck. So, I thought let me  share the details with you all , I am sure this information will help you to select a comfortable pillow…
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