To Prevent lower body injury, start your leg day of workout with following leg warm up.

ü Jog All leg muscles 

ü Side-to-side run: Groin (hip adductors) Facing side-on to the direction of travel, bring the feet together but do not cross them over. Repeat facing opposite side.

ü Carioca/Grapevine with high knees : Groin (hip adductors) Facing side-on to the direction of travel,  bring the back leg in front and then behind the body in an alternating fashion.  When the leg is brought in front of the body, raise the knee to a high position as shown in photo A. Repeat facing opposite side.

  • Backward running with high feet :Hamstrings Jogging backwards, bring the feet up so they get close to the buttocks before planting on the ground behind the body.
  • Butt kicks (2 reps): Quadriceps (thigh) and hamstrings Jogging forward with an arm action like normal running, keep the thighs vertical (no knee lifts) and bring the heels up towards the buttocks, but not touching. In the second repetition, bend the knee forcefully enough so that the heels make contact with the buttocks.
  • Hands to ground: Hamstrings and lower back While jogging, touch both hands on the ground as if picking up a ball. Immediately straighten up to a normal running posture. Jog a few metres and repeat. Do this 4 times over the 20 m. Avoid twisting to the side when bending over.
    • Calf stretch (Straight leg) 5 reps each leg : Slowly straighten one leg until the heel touches the ground. As soon as the stretched position is reached, bend the knee to release the stretch and at the same time straighten the other leg. If the player cannot get his heels to touch the ground, lower the heels as far as possible without pain. This exercise can also be done leaning against a fence or partner for support.
    • Hip rotation 4 reps each leg: While standing, lift the right leg up with knee bent in front of the body. Then slowly move the leg outward making a big circle with the knee. Repeat to a total of 4 repetitions. H Repeat with the left leg.
    • Walking lunge 8 lunges in total: While taking large walking steps, allow the body to drop until the back knee is just off the ground. Keep the trunk vertical and the heel of the front foot on the ground during the lunge. Control the lunge. The knee should finish over the toes. Lunge forward with alternating legs until the 8 reps are completed.

      Author: Dr. Sadhana Meena

      Ph.D. (Sports Physiotherapist), New DELHI

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