My Kailash Yatra from the mundane to the sublime, the journey within


Mount Kailash is a pilgrimage and not a trek, the Parikrama is meaningless if you do not

connect with the energies of Kailash. This journey is for your “self”, the Atma connection

happens when you go there as a pilgrim and not as a trekker.  Be aware, your answers will manifest in different ways, your life will be truly awesome!

Attitude ~Belief ~Courage ~Determination ~Energy ~Focus!

My second trip, the Mountain had called me! 2010, I was discovering myself, 2019 I knew

myself better or so I thought.

So what is so special about Kailash? It is considered most auspicious to make the pilgrimage

around its 52 km circuit known as Kailash Parikrama. Sacred to Hindus, Buddhist, Jains,

Bons. Has many names- Meru, Sumeru Ashtapad

From personal experiences I can state that the energies starting from lake Manasarovar

continue to intensify as one moves up to the mountain. I can also state the my hair grew

much faster and this is continuing even now!!

I’m a control freak and a stickler for planning and schedules Mount Kailash had another

agenda -The main one – I was cut down to size and shown how miniscule I really am! Payments,

travel dates, flight bookings, helicopter rides, hotels, passports, visas nothing went as per

‘plan’ and yet It all went as per plan just not my plan!!!

My ‘miniscule organized’ self was whacked about till I surrendered! I carried the wrong

phone charger, I couldn’t find the Yuans I have kept so safely, and to top it all I left my hiking

boots on the bus so no shoes to walk in on the parikrama does it gets any better!!

At Manasarovar, I had a good cry feeling sorry for myself, playing the victim! Emotionally

drained I lay by the shores and went into a deep sleep. I woke up with a sense of calm and

just knew all would be well. My shoes ‘arrived’, my phone got charged, I was overjoyed!!

My preparation for Kailash

  • Physical preparation is mandatory daily meditation hour of yoga certainly not enough!
  • Physical fitness is a must Strength and body balance, not overstaining any part.
  • Build CORE strength

My work out regime – Alternating workouts for 2 months


  • 1 hour walking maximum incline slow speed no stopping
  • Short bursts of rowing 5 minutes 1 km immediately followed by
  • 5 minutes step machine level 11, 250 steps in 5 minutes.

Weight training

  • Legs and abs
  • Upper body alternating push and pull
  • Increased weights every week

Mesmerizing journey

Before heading to Mansoravar, we underwent many challenges such as ,excess baggage, limited seats in helicopters, no toilet facilities just open toilet space, no bath facilities for six days, no lights sometimes  and physiological adaptation to acclimatization. We finally had helicopter ferry to Hilsa 3900 m, followed by drive in bus crossing swinging bridge over river to reach Taklakot , in Tibet. We headed to Mansarovar 4550m, where our true journey begins, The Parikrama begins, it was now time to be with the mountain commune with the energy.

Day 1 Yamadwar – Diraphuk 4650m

Journey in silence, we were in the presence of the holiest mountain and highest energy center of the world. 5 hours later prayer flags came into view, signifying that the north face of Kailash was around the corner! It came into view! Awe inspiring powerful in its singularity, exciting and energizing to all of us who beheld it at closer quarters for the first time Charan Sparsh. We trekked for many hours stopping along the challenging climb through the rocky uneven path to drink the glacier water flowing down and weaving through the pathway.The illusion of proximity- the higher we climbed the closer it seemed yet the further it was.After I reached the limit of my physical endurance to experience Charan Sparsh I stopped layon a boulder and meditated. This was to me the zenith of my Parikrama.

Day 2, 4670m

16 of us left for the final Parikrama.Dolma La Pass 5700 m on ponies. Dolma La is the Tibetan name of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva residing at Mount Kailash. It is said that one can cross only if Goddess Dolma La allows you to, she was kind enough to bestow her blessings and we crossed the pass with no hindrance at all. As  I looked up I saw a human train on ponies snaking its way up as far as I could see. We briefly saw the north and east facing Kailash as we proceeded to the top.  A sea of Buddhist Prayer flags greeted us at Dolma La Pass, it  is not advisable to linger around for too long at this altitude because the air is very thin here. We only spent a few moments at the top of the pass. Then began the slightly treacherous trek downhill -3 kms.On the way we saw the The ‘Lake of Compassion’ Gauri Kund which is known as the location where Goddess Parvati acquired back Lord Ganesha-

Day 3

The last day was a pleasant ‘walk in the park’.

My journey within was remarkable, the lessons I learned are indelibly printed in every cell

in my being. The majestic Kailash truly humbled me and has transformed me into a

mellower version of myself!


Sandi Saksena


Be different ~ Push your boundaries ~Stand out don’t fit in

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