In this world of self-care every one  is progressing in making themselves self-sufficient, so that they can manage most of their tasks by themselves be it skin care, financial decisions, home making , self-learning for various subjects etc… so I thought to share some of the tools of self-pain management at home which are safe and gives relief.

Every  passing day of  life is filled with nonstop work. Every day is long tiring day. Staying long hours in kitchen, long desk job,  looking after family, going out for work, or be it just  a long shopping day, it leads to few common pain issues such as back pain, pain around the shoulders, neck, headaches, etc.


I have found most of the patients coming to clinic with pain, have no idea that they have accumulated the pain in due course of time. They been ignorant for months and years which leads to severity of symptoms.

Other contributing factor which aggravates pain symptom is lack of knowledge, many don’t even know how they can get rid of some mild fatigue pain at initial level. And can avoid future complications.

Let me share an example of one of my patients, she has been having mild pain in her neck for 10 years. Every time she has increased load at kitchen or office her pain aggravates but she continues like this every time and she been feeling the muscles around her neck and shoulder are getting tighter and tighter as time passing. Still she been ignorant and hadn’t started any kind of treatment. Finally, she got hospitalized as one day she couldn’t move her neck due to severe pain. Thankfully with thorough assessment it had been found it is all due to spasm and muscle tightness. This could have led to cervical spondylosis or nerve impingement.

It’s very important to understand that any sign & symptom shown by our body should not be ignored. Learn how you can save your body at initial level and avoid complications. I am sharing Some of basic proven remedies which you can apply at home when have mild symptoms of muscle ache, tightness, spasm.

Tools for self-pain management:

  1. Hot/ cold pack: always keep a hot and cold pack at home. Keep a cold pack always in your fridge. For any acute injury apply Ice pack immediately. Hot pack can be use if you feel fatigue, muscle tightness, spasm etc.
  2. Rollers: If you have long standing hours in kitchen, or sit long hours at work and you end uo with muscle tightness by the end of day then, self-massage using roller can help you release instantly. This will prevent your muscles from developing trigger points.Various form of rollers is available in market. Choose wisely.
  3. Pain modulation machines: Pain modulation modalities are available which can be use easily at home. Instead to taking pain killers use these machines. Before buying these, It’s recommended to take expert advice of your physiotherapist for best selection of machine for you.

Try these three quick pain relief accessories by your own and let me know does it make your life easier. If you have any query regarding how to choose the best accessories for yourself, how to get it or how to use it, feel free to ask me or send direct message.  I will be happy to take you out of pain.

Author: Dr. shubhangi Gaikwad, Senior Physical Therapist, Dubai

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