Around the world there is common trait which we found in most of the women and that is the Willingness to give love and care to the family and friends. Women is the base of society. And every family’s  way of living, its mode of conduct and its growth depends on the women of the family. In this process of building up her family, many women neglect themselves.

There is very famous quote “when you educate a man you educate an individual, but  when you educate a woman you educate a family”. And I totally agree to it. it’s the mother who is the first teacher for the kids for every small thing to the growing kid. Therefor when women learn about self-care and healthy lifestyle it will be much easier to pass it on to the coming generation, it can help to in cultivate  the healthier lifestyle in kids and we can create a healthier world.

 What a woman needs to learn, relearn and adapt in daily routine ?

  1. Time management – one of the most basic things which many females unable to follow and suffer no time in their hand for themselves is time management. Once a homemaker or a working-class woman schedule her time properly for everyday activity she can manage sometime for herself. Many women usually say that its very easy to talk of time management, but it’s just not possible I have thousand things to do. If you set up your mind like that it will be more difficult, rather look for the opportunity where you can save time.
  2. Prioritize – do what is important and what can be done later. Don’t try to multi-task and do everything in single day. Learn to prioritize the work, break down the task in steps. This will help you to take out time for yourself.
  3. Self-Love – until you don’t love yourself you cannot give pure love to your loved once. Don’t sacrifice your wishes. If you want to join any class or learn new thing don’t restrict yourself thinking that you don’t have time or money. Now a days everything is so accessible through internet that you can learn anything anytime. So pursue what you want to learn and create space for yourself, it give immense boost up of the self love and self-confidence.
  4. Stop considering daily chores as exercise– I meet many housewives and working women saying I am doing all work by my selves from morning till evening I am on my toes, walking,standing, bending that’s my exercise I don’t need to do any extra workout. If you also fall in this category of thinking, then change your mind set, the chores you are doing is your daily task. Just ask one question to yourself If it’s exercise why are you not feeling relaxed, boosted and stronger after everyday work, why do you feel fatigued ? This is not exercise. Take out separate time for exercise.
  5. Arts – do some artwork. It has phenomenal power to distract ourselves from routine stress. When you do an art our brain secret dopamine which is a feel good hormone.
  6. Exercise– take out 20-30 min for exercises at least 5 days a week. Target different muscle and joint every day. This will help you keep you stronger and doing daily chores won’t give you fatigue.
  7. Teach your child – educate your kids about healthy lifestyle. Take them outdoor picnic rather than taking then malls and play station often. Teach then selflove, selfcare and start scheduling at least 15 of stretching or any kind of exercises every day. This will make them habitual of physical activity and will become part of their daily routine.

Ladies  when you will start taking out time for yourself you will love yourself more and in return, you will give more love and strength to you family. Work on yourself

|create a healthier & happier you|create a healthier & happier family|create healthier & happier world|

Author- Dr.Shubhangi Gaikwad , sr. Physical therapist (Dubai)

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