Immersive classes that challenge you to change – and grant you the freedom to step out of life’s monotony into life’s magic.

You’ve got a long to-do list, and your current fitness routine feels like nothing more than another box to check.

Imagine if your workouts weren’t something you force yourself to go through, but were an experience you were passionate to grow through.

At FIT, we believe that fitness should envelop and develop you.

You, currently: Stuck and bored in your daily grind. The workouts you’ve tried only add to the drab. You’re numb from their numbers: calories, leaderboard rankings, ounces of sweat. You move through them, but they don’t move you.

We believe exceptional fitness is not just physical, but profoundly transformational. Movement, music, mindset, more – our immersive classes take you on a journey. You’ll go from struggle to success, stuckness to freedom, and resistance to enthusiasm – experiencing firsthand what it means to unlock your power.

It begins with fitness, but it weaves through everything you do.

You can think different, be different.

You can lead a life you love.

Kettlebells. Strength. Boot Camp. Boxing. HIIT. Mobility. Ready?

These are some of the tools we use to get you into the “damn, I’m a savage” groove.

These skill-based modalities will challenge not just your body, but your mind.

And we promise you a newfound level of self-respect that accompanies this technical mastery. One that goes beyond entry-level confidence.

Which is why we – and soon, you – haven’t settled for a million sloppy mountain climbers. We nail crispy kettlebell cleans and powerful rear hooks. Our high knees are athletic and our push-ups – textbook perfect.

Learn more about our formats here and check out our schedule here.

Get your first two weeks of unlimited classes for just $49.

Less than 50 bucks to start living inspired.

To develop and use your strength to do whatever it is you want to do, be whoever it is you want to be.

Or not. Your call.


Once you make an account with us, we’ll shoot you a text to help walk you through the rest. Fitness should be tough, but getting started should be easy.

“My whole mindset changed. I went from hating the thought of working out to looking forward to it.  I went from never exercising to being a 5-times-a-week junkie.”

– Mary Steinherz

FIT is so much more than your average gym. The energy in the beautiful studio is simply electric: from the killer playlists and fun lighting to the empowered community of strong women led by dynamic trainers, who are dedicated to your physical and mental development. FIT is truly a gift that I give to myself.

– Alana Klein

“Since I was a teenager I’ve always worked out to torture myself for the calories I had eaten. Thank you to the FIT team for teaching me that fitness is way more than just being skinny, even more than just being fit, honestly. It’s definitely a feeling.

– Adina Tepper

“I have been to so many gyms over the years. FIT is by far the best I have been to. The workouts are killer but modifiable if needed, the music+lights make it fun and engaging and the instructors are amazing and inspirational. Classes feel like it’s a workout and therapy rolled into one, in the best way possible. It’s 100% worth the hype and more.”

– Sarah Schwebel

Are you ready to radically change how you move, look and feel?

We think it’s time for workouts that make you come alive.

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