What is your class make up and cancellation policy?

I understand that by signing up at FIT KIDS, I commit to the entire semester (or from now until the end of the semester if registering after the semester has begun). *Please see next accordion item for our trial policy.

In the event that a child is sick and cannot come to class, he/she is able to make up *up to* two classes.

Those classes can be used towards other classes at the studio.

There are no refunds for missed classes.

There are no refunds – barring medical emergencies.

Thank you for your understanding!

Do you offer trial classes?

After paying for the semester in full, we allow refunds if requested within the first week of classes. We refund the charge in full and then process a separate, prorated fee for the single class that was taken. This single class is your trial class.

By week two, we abide by the above make up and cancellation policy.

How early can I drop my child off?

Children may be dropped off *up to* 7 minutes before class with the instructor present. Instructors are expected to be at this studio at this time, but if they are not due to unforeseen circumstances, it is critically important that parents do not leave their children at the studio unattended or with other staff members.

What if I’m running late to pick up?

If you know you will be running late, please contact the studio to let us know.

All children must be picked up within 10 minutes of class end time. Beyond this point, please note the following:

  • A child picked up 20 minutes late (or more) to three sessions in one semester will forfeit his or her spot in FIT KIDS classes. They will not receive a refund for outstanding sessions and not be eligible for early registration the following semester.
  • If a parent has not arrived within the 10-minute timeframe, FIT KIDS staff will call the parent for ETA on arrival. If the parent doesn’t pick up or then exceeds the timeframe that they have given, staff will call emergency contact.
Do I need to purchase any specific items for my child for class?

We suggest a leotard, ballet shoes and tights for the ballet classes. If you choose not to purchase the full outfit, the girls should at least wear ballet shoes and a tutu skirt on top of their clothing.

Boxing classes require boxing gloves. (We recommend 10 oz. or under for smaller hands.)