Two ways to get FIT with us.

You can start with one and transition to the other. You can do them together. You can stick with one forever.

Which is for you?


New to kettlebells, boxing or lifting? Recently had a baby? Easing back into workouts after an injury?

Prefer a higher-touch, tailored approach to fitness?

Set yourself up for success by booking a 1-1 session with our expert trainers.

Contact us with any questions or to book your first training.

(516) 387-5333


You have some fitness experience under your belt and you crave the immersive group experience.

Check out our class schedule. Descriptions for each of the classes can be found by clicking on the class name.

If you’re somewhat fresh but still prefer the group experience, we highly recommend starting with MOVEMENT and STRENGTH FLOW to dial in the basics.

Want more help deciding which group fitness class is for you?

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