Yakira Apfel, CFSC, PN1, is an ACE Behavior Change Specialist, Pronatal Pre/Postnatal Specialist, KBCU Level 1 Kettlebell Pro, CFSC Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and FIT’s founder.

She loves music, laughing and creating a space for women to find ownership and strength. Likes to say things such as, “HEELLL YEAHHH” and “LET’S GOOO.”

Yakira lives on Long Island with her husband, kids, a dog and many Amazon boxes.


Sara’s love for fitness started in her 20s while training for a half marathon. She then discovered group fitness, where she fell in love with the energy and motivation of the group setting. This love was cemented for Sara after she joined FIT nearly six years ago. She became more serious with her fitness and embraced the idea of fitness as whole-self endeavor. 

As a seasoned teacher in early childhood and elementary, Sara has always been drawn towards education and supporting the people around her. A deep believer in the mental and physical gains that exercise confers, a year ago Sara decided that she wanted to branch out into another classroom – the fitness floor. 

Sara received her certification for personal training in 2021 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has been teaching group fitness classes since. She brings boundless energy, love of music and her passion to empower women to every class she teaches, and looks forward to sharing that at FIT!


Rachel is an ACE-certified GFI who began her fitness journey decades ago, but only learned to love it five short years ago (…at FIT). In the last 6 months, Rachel’s turned her love for push ups, STRENGTH FLOW, and that post-workout high into a profession, where she can now pay that feeling forward to others.

She has dreams of vacationing in Hawaii, Thailand and Japan and nightmares of working out in bright light. Her fitness goals include becoming a better surfer and to never run a marathon.

She brings her sunny attitude, sense of humor, and positive energy everywhere she goes, and she can’t wait to inspire you to do your best to some funk rock and witty jokes. Let’s go!


Ruthie’s been passionate about fitness since Junior High. It allowed her to embrace her body and motivate others. She sees movement as both an outlet and a form of self expression.

Ruthie danced since she could walk. In 2018, she got her Zumba certification and taught both adult and teen dance fitness classes. She was a party motivator for four years and brings her energy, confidence and infectious enthusiasm everywhere she goes.

Since beginning at FIT, Ruthie developed a love of (and knack for) boxing, and an expanded appreciation for what fitness can be. She received her group fitness certification as part of her desire to deepen her fitness know-how and share her passion with a greater number of people.

Fun facts: Ruthie started her “fitness journey” here at Fitwize4kids! She loves hiking, cooking, surfing and rock climbing.


Ruchama is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and KB Foundations Kettlebell Pro. Her journey into fitness began in her school years, where she thrived on sports teams and in fitness classes. 

Ruchama’s passion morphed into a calling when she discovered FIT; when she saw how movement and fitness helped her become a more self aware, confident, and balanced individual. Motivated to inspire the same change in others, Ruchama got her training certification and began working with women in groups and 1-1.

Ruchama’s infectious smile, positive personality, growth mindset and ability to connect with others are some of the qualities she uses to build those around her. 

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